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15 Trends To Watch In The New Year Ghost Immobiliser Fitting

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Get a Ghost Immobiliser Fitted to Protect Your Vehicle

The Autowatch Ghost, a new generation car immobiliser that guards against key (and keys that do not have keys) thefts, clonings and relay hacking. It is an unobtrusive device that is connected to the CAN data networks of the vehicle and operates quietly.

It works by using the use of a PIN code sequence made up of buttons on the steering wheel or console to control it. It can be activated in service mode, letting the vehicle to start briefly when needed.

No Radio Signals

If you're looking to secure your vehicle from key cloning, hacking and theft, installing a ghost immobiliser is a great method to go about it. The system is concealed inside the vehicle, operates in a silent manner and does not use radio signals to communicate with the vehicle. This makes it difficult for thieves to identify using radar scanners since they don't see or hear it.

It also stops from cloning the key fob of your car by preventing communication between the vehicle's CAN data network and the keyfob. Criminal gangs of organized car thieves typically employ sophisticated codes and RF scanning technology to deactivate and intercept security systems in vehicles. Ghost immobilisers, however, are not visible to thieves as they don't emit any radio signals and Ghost Immobiliser Fitting are integrated into the vehicles CAN data network, which means that there are no circuit breakers during installation and fitting, making them totally inaccessible.

In addition to stopping your vehicle from getting started, the ghost immobiliser will also stop your car being moved. This is a great option if are planning to park your vehicle in a public space, like a garage or supermarket, or if a valet will be parking it for you. This feature can be turned on by an app that is simple to use for iOS or Android phones.

Your vehicle can be tracked through GPS trackers. This will help you recover your vehicle in the event that it is stolen. In recent years, thieves were in a position to bypass security systems via the OBD port. This can be avoided by using a ghost immobiliser that communicates directly with the ECU of the car through the data loop in the CAN. It is inaccessible to high-tech diagnostics tools, and is totally silent, so that thieves cannot add a new key or replace the ECU to start the vehicle.

The device is also removable and will not affect the warranty of your vehicle. If you want to get a Ghost Immobiliser Fitting immobiliser fitted ensure you find an TASSA (Tracker and Aftermarket Security Systems Association) approved installer. This will guarantee that the installer has been through a series of checks such as identity and CRB.

No Circuit Cuts

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from theft through contactless, ghost immobilisers are the ideal solution. This device is placed in a hidden location in your car, and works by preventing the engine from starting unless certain buttons within your vehicle are pressed in a certain sequence (similar to a PIN number on your smartphone).

310300814_438157535072560_441431797686435441_nlow.jpgAs it doesn't use radio frequencies or key fobs to communicate, there aren't any lights or sounds to indicate its presence. It connects to your car through the CAN data network and works in silence, protecting your vehicle from thieves who do not want to be seen.

With car theft increasing many drivers are searching for a way to prevent their vehicle from being stolen. Theft of in-demand vehicles is increasing, and with the proper tools, thieves can slash off a vehicle in a matter of hours. It is therefore important to guard your car from this type of crime by installing a ghost immobiliser.

Ghost immobilisers from Autowatch is a unique and effective solution to this problem. It uses the CAN data bus to connect with your vehicle and block the engine from beginning until you enter a pre-set pin number that is unique to your. The code can be entered using the buttons that are already on your steering wheel or centre console, or on your door panels, and can also easily changed if necessary.

It is also incredibly hard to spot, since it doesn't have LED indicators, a frequency or other indicators that could provide thieves with a clue to its existence. It doesn't require cutting wires or additional devices from the aftermarket. You can also disarm it remotely using the Autowatch App while you are having your car maintained.

As a result a ghost immobiliser birmingham immobiliser from Autowatch is the perfect solution to stop theft from contactless and securing your vehicle. It's a TASSA-verified device, meaning that it is endorsed by major businesses like insurance providers and police forces. We are approved installers at Car Specialist Customs and can assist you in securing your vehicle without cutting wires or add keys from the aftermarket.

No Key Fobs

A ghost immobiliser does not rely on the standard key fob to communication with the vehicle. It makes use of buttons on your car, for instance those on the steering wheels and doors, to generate an unique code sequence that you need to enter in order to start your vehicle. The system is invisibly since it doesn't emit radio signals and communicates directly with the ECU through the CAN data circuit. Diagnostic tools or keys stolen from your car cannot detect it.

This means that even if the thieves have the original key fob they'll need the exact pin code sequence to start your car. The system also stops key cloning, as well as signal jamming and device-spoofing, all methods employed by thieves to unlock vehicles with an immobiliser.

Ghost immobilisers are a great way to protect your vehicle from thieves, especially if you've spent a lot of money and time customizing it or have a rare, expensive or expensive car. The system can be remotely deactivated using an iOS or Android application. This is a great option for people who aren't sure who has their keys or where they are in their car.

The ghost immobiliser can also protect your vehicle against relay-style frequency amplifying. This is a popular method for thieves with high-tech equipment who want to take over PKE equipped vehicles. They capture the frequency of the keyfob, and transmit it to a coconspirator who can then use the remote starter to start your vehicle. The system blocks this by removing the battery on your key fob after a short period of time.

The Autowatch Ghost system includes many other features to help make your vehicle more secure. These include preventing ECU swapping, key cloning and more. The CAN data network is able to communicate with the ECU which makes it impossible for thieves to replace the ECU or to add new keys to bypass the system. The system will require you to enter a unique pin number in order to start your car. This can be accomplished via the phone application, making it harder for thieves to steal your vehicle.

Service Mode

Whether you're an experienced car thief or just starting out on the path of a criminal career the equipment you require to scan and clone your vehicle is getting more affordable and easier to get hold of. You can even purchase the entire cloning kit to your vehicle online, making it more essential than ever that you protect your car with an immobiliser.

A ghost immobiliser is an invisible device that works alongside your current key fob to stop your car from starting unless a unique PIN code sequence is entered. This sequence is generated using buttons that are present in your vehicle, such as in the steering wheel, door panels, and the central console. Only you are aware of this pin code, and only you are able to start the engine. Without this, thieves will never be allowed to drive your vehicle away, even if they have your keys.

The ghost communicates with the ECU via the CAN network, which means that it's a low-risk option without a risk of harm to the vehicle. It's also a more discreet option that doesn't rely on LED indicators or key fobs. It's virtually undetectable to anyone who isn't the car's owner, and it does not interfere with jamming devices or circuit cuts. Furthermore, it's secure against keyless entry or device spoofing technology.

A ghost immobiliser won't just make it harder for thieves to steal your vehicle, but it can also lower your insurance rates. This is because there's no sign of instillation, so your insurance company will assume your car is factory-fitted anti-theft security system in place.

Denton Cars can provide you with more details about installing a ghost 2 immobiliser cost immobiliser to your vehicle. We are an Autowatch Certified Installer and would be delighted to answer your questions regarding this enhanced vehicle safety product. Our expert team can even advise you on which of our many other products is the best fit for your vehicle. We're also TASSA certified, so you know you're dealing a reputable company that has been thoroughly vetted and certified.


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